Women Stabs Friend In Haunted House With What She Thought Was A Prop Knife

Let this be a warning to everyone. If you are running a haunted house and are using a real knife as part of your display, get rid of it right now!

A group of four friends were visiting the Nashville Nightmare Halloween Haunted House the other night. When someone working the house or so they thought worked there handed the friend a knife, she did the only logical thing (sort of), she stabbed one of her other friends with it! 

Knife Stabbing Getty

Knife Stabbing Getty

The woman, along with all the other friends in the group, told police she didn't intend to hurt anyone. She genuinely thought the knife was fake. 

The man stabbed was taken to a local hospital for a "severe laceration" on his arm. The woman has not been charged. 

The victim also shared, 

"Keep in mind, we’d been chased by chainsaws, holding other weapons, all kinds of stuff all night, and it was all fake."

There was no reason for this knife to be real, but I guess you never do know. 

Hey, at least this is one Halloween they will never forget!

Source: Tennessean

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