WARNING: Shower Doors Shattering Without Warning, Sending People To ER

Fancy glass shower doors are shattering to pieces all over the country - sometimes without warning. According to Inside Edition, over 2,000 trips to the ER have been made from shower doors bursting in the last five years.

If you have a glass shower door and are worried about this happening, here's what you need to know: 

Shower door explosions are caused by normal wear and tear, incorrect installation, or the door jumping the track. Scratches, cracks, and other unusual changes to the door can lead to its sudden shattering. 

To help prevent this from happening to you, experts shared

-Don't Hang On The Towel Bar

-Don't Pull Hard On The Handles

-Frequently Check For Chips And Scratches, (especially around the frame)

and if you're really worried, you can invest in coating the door in safety film which will keep the glass from flying, but this will cost upwards of $200.

Sources: Huffington Post, Inside Edition

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