Man On Meth, Tells Police Ghosts Planted Drugs In His House

The sheriff's department in a Louisiana town received a strange call when a man reported he was being stabbed in the head in his home. When deputies arrived at the home, however, they found the victim to be perfectly okay with no injury to his head from an ax as reported. 

Michael Auttonberry told law enforcement that someone was in his home and was shouting at people who were not there. Deputies did not find any evidence of intruders, but they did find crystal meth on his nightstand!

When asked about the meth, Auttonberry's first response was to say A GHOST PLANTED IT THERE! 

After this statement, Michael Auttonberry was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and giving a false police report.

Michael Auttonberry

Maybe next time he should call ghostbusters instead of law enforcement!


Source: Palm Beach Post

Photo Credit: Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office


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