Toddler Shreds More Than $1,000 In Cash

This poor family is laughing about it now, but more than likely shed a few tears first after losing over a grand in cash! To make matters worse, technically they didn't lose it, but rather their 2-year old son ran it all through the shredder!

Ben and Jackee Belnap had been saving cash for over a year to pay for season football tickets. All the money was collected and saved in an envelope. Their 2-year old, Leo, often helps his mother shred junk mail and other important documents. It's safe to assume that when Leo stumbled across an envelope, he did the only thing he was taught and ran the $1,000 in cash through the shredder as well! 

Thankfully, there is a US Government office in Washington D.C who handles mutilated money.

 They will be repairing all the cash for the Belnaps and they should have their thousand dollars back in about... 1-2 years! Yikes!

What would you do if this happened to you? Laugh or cry?

Source: WSLS 10

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