Florida Man Dresses As A Woman, Tricks 150 Men Into Having Sex, Films It


32-Year old, Bryan Deneumostier, OF FLORIDA really duped a boatload of people. 

First of all, he cross-dressed as a woman and shared his pictures on craigslist portraying a "bored housewife". Men would then be interested and Bryan would invite them over and woo them, before having sex with them. In addition to all of this, Bryan would also FILM the sex for a porn website.

Bryan tricked over 150 men into being in his sex tapes.

Pictures of Bryan are still surfacing the internet of him wearing a wig, make-up, nail varnish, pull-up stockings and high heels to trick men. When the men were interested in having sex, he would then blindfold them so they wouldn't know they were being filmed. 

Bryan is said to have been doing this over the course of 4-years. He now is under arrest and faces up to 10-years in prison for his deeds. To see the female that Bryan portrayed, head on over to Daily Star for full images. 

Seriously though, how many levels of creepy is this? Beware of the internet!

Source: Daily Star

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