Bill Cosby Served VANILLA PUDDING For First Meal In Jail

As you probably know by now, Bill Cosby was denied bail and sentenced from anywhere between 3-10 years in prison. 

For whatever reason, people not only care about his sentencing and where he will make his new home, but also about his living conditions while in prison. If you're one of those people interested in this, here's everything he was treated to while enjoying his first stay in the slammer yesterday. 

According to officials in the Montgomery County Jail, Cosby had quite the first meal last night. 

He enjoyed a chicken patty with gravy, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and an iced tea juice packet. PLUS, VANILLA PUDDING! 

As far as his jail swag goes, Cosby was also given 2 sheets, 1 blanket, 1 towel, 1 washcloth, and 1 hygiene kit. I guess you can say Cosby will be treated well-ish for his first couple of days. After this, he will be transferred to a permanent facility. If you're still curious about this story, feel free to tour Cosby's new home right here

What do you think about all of this? Is Cosby getting what he deserves?

Source: The Blast, ABC News

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