Coca Cola Considers Cannabis Infused Line Of Soda

Is this something you could get behind? Rumor has it that Coca-Cola could be introducing another drink to their already successful line of soft drinks and other beverages. 

Coca-Cola has been talking with a successful marijuana producer in Canada about the possibility of a collaboration on a drink used to ease pain. Coca-Cola is very focused on the properties of marijuana that help alleviate pain, inflammation, cramps, and other physical problems. However, they did share that they do not want the beverage to give users a high, just alleviate symptoms. 


The world famous, beverage producer has been speaking with a grower in Canada due to their country being on the edge of legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Recreational use of the plant is said to be legal in Canada by October 17th of this year. 

However, if Coke does want to do this collaboration, they better get the jump on it! There is already talk of other beverage companies wanting to create a similar drink. Lots of craft-brewing companies are interested in producing non-alcoholic, but cannabis laced drinks. Coca-Cola would be the first non alcoholic company to make such a move though. 

For more on the talk of this new drink, visit The Guardian


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