Man Sexually Assaults Injured Beaver

This poor woodland creature was traumatized on two accounts the other day. This story happened in Washington State. A beaver was left to die on the road after being run over by a car. Thankfully, a good Samaritan saw the incident go down and tried to save the critter. The woman ran back to her house to get a box and some towels, but when she arrived back on the scene the story got really interesting. 

Upon arrival, the woman saw not only the already wounded beaver but a man sexually assaulting him! Richard Delph was on top of the beaver, pants unzipped, with meth in his pocket. The traumatized woman called 911 and authorities showed up to arrest Delph. 

Delph was charged with animal cruelty and possession of methamphetamine. And for the saddest part of this whole story, the beaver did not survive. 


Source: New York Post


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