World's First Fully Automated Sex Tape Room

The world's first ever fully autonomous sex tape room came to life in none other than Nevada recently. The sex tape room is housed inside the famous Sheri's Ranch brothel. 

The brothel was having trouble with their visitors wanting a souvenir video to take home with them, but with the logistics of lighting, camera operators, and positions, it was just too difficult. The brothel then decided to implement a series of autonomous cameras and the help of one Amazon Alexa to make clients wildest fantasies come true. 

All someone has to do is say "Alexa, begin the porn star experience". (No joke, that's the code word).

Then the Amazon device will trigger 4 cameras and 6 microphones which will immediately start recording.

Once the dirty deed is finished, the computer will automatically edit the footage and save it to a secure flash drive for the guest to take with them. 

So guys, what do you think about this? Would you go? 

Source: The Sun

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