Monkey Bites Child At Florida Restaurant

Capuchin monkey | GettyImages-AA045486

A Florida child went out for a bite to eat with his family and ended up getting a bite of another kind when a 9-month-old Capuchin monkey took a chunk out of his thumb.

The monkey’s owners, Mary and Richard Van Houten, used to enjoy Mondays on the patio at a Carrabba's Italian restaurant and they would bring their monkey named Jojo.

Instead of the monkey settling for a nice banana cream pie, the little critter decided it wanted some finger food.

Jojo got off its leash and chomped down on the boy's digit. 

According to the Florida Wildlife Commission, Jojo, who was a regular at the restaurant, was playing calmly with the 8-year-old when something startled him and he bit down, breaking the skin. 

The owners of Carrabba's said they would no longer allow monkeys on their patio.

Photo: Getty Images


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