Volunteer of the Week - Joanne Kapsos

VOTW Joanne Kapsos

Joanne Kapsos is a dedicated volunteer in our schools.

Currently, she can be found at Suncoast volunteering in the front office on Fridays, answering phones and assisting visitors.

Additionally, she has just agreed to complete the school’s Five Star portfolio which she has done previously for 2 other schools.

This is Joanne’s first year at Suncoast and she has already jumped in lending her support and expertise. She is a perfect example of parents who understand the importance of school/parent partnership.

Keep up the great work, Joanne Kapsos!

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If you have a spare hour or two, why not volunteer in a Palm Beach County public school? Volunteers come from all age groups, economic backgrounds, and educational levels. Simply go to a neighborhood school or contact the School District’s Volunteer Coordinator at (561) 738-2780. Help a student and school. It's a great way to support our communities and our world.


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