Volunteer of the Week - Becky Kobussen

VOTW Becky Kobussen

For over 10 years, Becky Kobussen has volunteered over 2,000 hours at Frontier Elementary throughout the school year, including the summer.

Becky makes certain that the school has the necessary supplies for the animals in the Environmental and Animal Science Academy.

Becky also educates students on the life cycle of the chickens as part of the 4H program and ensures that the chicken coop is well maintained.

But Becky also helps with humans at the school! She handles the copy needs for classroom teachers and administration and staff.

Frontier Elementary would like to crow about volunteer, Becky Kobussen, and rightfully so!

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If you have a spare hour or two, why not volunteer in a Palm Beach County public school? Volunteers come from all age groups, economic backgrounds, and educational levels. Simply go to a neighborhood school or contact the School District’s Volunteer Coordinator at (561) 738-2780. Help a student and school. It's a great way to support our communities and our world.


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