Volunteer of the Week - Jen Martinez

Volunteer of the Week - Jen Martinez

Jen Martinez has volunteered with our School District for over 20 years.  

For fourteen years, she has served on various District committees.  For years, Jen has been extremely active with the Palm Beach County PTA and has held several leadership roles.

Now Jen has just been voted in as President-Elect of the Florida PTA because of her involvement with them, as well.  Jen works as an administrative assistant at Rolling Green Elementary.   

Thanks, Jen Martinez for all you do for our children!

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If you have a spare hour or two, why not volunteer at a Palm Beach County public school? Volunteers come from all age groups, economic backgrounds, and educational levels.  Simply go to a neighborhood school or contact the School District’s Volunteer Coordinator, Debi Elfen at (561) 434-8789.  Help a student and school. It's a great way to support our communities and our world.


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