Donkey From "Shrek" Roasts Woman Wearing Mickey Ears To Universal Studios

Okay, I have a confession. This is ABSOLUTELY one if my BIGGEST pet peeves as a frequent theme park-goer in Orlando. I have both Harry Potter and Disney tattoos branded on my body, so I feel like I am exactly the person to report on this issue.

But it looks like I'm not alone, and the amazing guy who was playing Donkey from the "Shrek" area at Universal Studios in Orlando that day delivered a suitable roasting to the woman who decided to wear her Mickey ears to the wrong park. Fortunately, it was all caught on camera and has now gone viral.

Donkey goes on to list a slew of characters that have been disrespected by the woman, and it's hard not to laugh out loud.

Simply, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are 2 entirely different parks. You won't find any minions at Disney World just like you won't find any mice at Universal Studios. Let this be your warning.

Photo: Getty Images/Canva

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