Mother Helping Daughter Find Love With A Billboard In Times Square

A loving mother is trying to help her daughter find love in a big and very public way.

Beth Davis paid for a personal ad for her daughter and put it up on a billboard in Times Square. Now while the ad may seem a bit extreme, there is a bigger meaning behind it.

Back in June of 2020, Beth was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, which has spread to her bones.

“It’s a tough time in anyone’s life finding out that news. Molly has been my wingman taking me to appointments even this week and now it’s my turn to be her wingman and try to find her love,” Beth explained.

Beth decided she was going to reach out to the app Wingman, a service where families can help their loved ones find love.

Wingman was so touched by their story, they turned her daughter Molly into a billboard in New York City, which will be until January 25.

Photo: Getty Images

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