Uber Rider Receives Insane Bill After Getting Stuck On Icy Virginia Highway

Earlier in the week, thousands upon thousands of people found themselves stuck in Hell on Earth on a stretch of I-95 in Virginia. Traffic was at a virtual standstill and left many drivers and passengers stranded for nearly 24 hours without any food, water, or anywhere to escape (see below).

Virginia resident Andrew Peters was completely unaware of the traffic situation when he called for an Uber to take him to Richmond after landing at Dulles International Airport.

Unfortunately, his Uber driver also had no clue what was going on, and a ride that usually takes just over two hours turned into a nine-hour one.

And just to kick a man when he's down, Peters received a charge from Uber and discovered he had $400 in charges tacked on to the $200 bill he got for the ride. This man paid a total of $600 for one of the most miserable car rides of his life.

No reps from Uber have responded to the situation but I am waiting for the update on this one.

Photo: Getty Images

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