Palm Beach Gardens Woman Shocked To Find A Tracking Device Inside Her SUV

Apple AirTag laying on the application on new iPhone mini screen

Photo: Getty Images

In April of last year, Apple's AirTag was debuted as a way to keep track of everyday items, such as your keys.

The product costs around $29 and uses Bluetooth technology that can be detected by iOS devices using Apple's "Find My" app.

However, people have more frequently reported privacy concerns related to the product.

It's become even more popular in recent months on TikTok and Reddit as users are posting finding AirTags on their vehicles and other personal belongings.

Now, it's struck close to home. Just before Christmas, a Palm Beach Gardens woman found one of the Apple AirTags hidden in her SUV.

"I immediately had all the bad things in my head," confessed Alexis, who didn’t want her last name mentioned.

She explained that her babysitter received a warning about the device over the Find My app.

"We couldn't find it anywhere inside the house, and we realized we were inside my vehicle together, so we went into the vehicle, played the sound, and we could hear faint beeping," Alexis explained.

Alexis said the AirTag was approximately the size of a quarter and hidden under a back panel in her SUV, secured with Velcro.

Alexis does have local police involved in the investigation.

Photo: Getty Images

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