TikToker Reveals How She Was Able To Get A Exclusive Chick-Fil-A Black Card

Suburban Chick-fil-A Sign and Restaurant with Copy Space

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One TikToker recently went viral sharing a couple of videos on TikTok explaining how she became one of the lucky ones to possess an exclusive Chick-fil-A Black Card.

The first TikTok video she posts just shows her presenting the Chick-fil-A Black Card, which apparently grants you one free meal per day.

In her second video, Ashlee (@ashleeonair) explains that if you are an influencer like a radio personality, a TV anchor, athlete, or some type of influencer, you could possibly get invited to a Chick-fil-A VIP party where the chosen ones get to eat free food, “dance with the cows”, and then finally receive their Black Card.

And I only have one question still, how do I get mine?

Photo: Getty Images

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