100 Concerts In One Year #63 The Bastard Suns

63rd concert of 2018 #Kelsi100Concerts

100 concerts in one year...the challenge is on! If you have no idea WTF I'm talking about, click here for the full scoop. Alright so years ago I saw The Bastards Suns for the first time at Swamp Grass Willy's and after that I was totally hooked on their music. I  even went through a phase where I left their CD in my car and just jammed out to it for months. When it comes down to it, they're a mix of some of my favorite genres. The Bastard Suns are that perfect combination of reggae, ska, punk rock with a twist of irish music and a dash of that pirate style. If you have never heard them, let me change your life! Watch the video below...


For the last 13 years, The Bastard Suns have toured all over Florida, up and down the coast and around the country. Their passion is contagious and so is the music. Throughout the show you could see the crowd and band constantly feeding off of each others energy. It was a beautiful thing to see.



 As always I apologize for the sound quality on my phone. You know I'm super short and love being right up on the stage. What's even crazier about this whole thing is the lead singer Clay actually had a boot on during the show. He shattered his ankle skateboarding but that wasn't going to slow him down on the tour. He climbed speakers, jumped down into the crowd and constantly stomped his foot to the beat. Good luck man, I saw that leg out of the boot and I'm pretty sure you don't normally rock a cankle. It was swollen times 100!


If you ever have a chance to see The Bastard Suns, go. Going to their shows is like being caught in a moment. A moment where nothing really matters, a moment where you can just hang with your friends, drink more than you should and sing your little heart out. Below are a bunch of pictures from their show at Swamp Grass Willy's in Palm Beach Gardens. By the way if you ever want to see live music, especially late at night hit up Swamp. This place has supported local bands and live music for well over a decade and is a staple in our local music scene. 

Oh wait, we're not done yet! After the show I hung out with the guys in the parking lot outside of Swamp at 2am and we did this interview. Lol I like to keep it real and that's exactly what this interview is! During the interview I asked them what they want to accomplish with their music and they gave me the most genuine response ever. Ladies and gentlemen this is what it's all about...


Check back and stalk this blog for a year of music and good stories. Remember, I have to average about 2-3 shows a week. You can follow all of my adventures on Instagram & Twitter @KelsiRadio! Well, until next concert.....



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