My earliest memories in life are listening to music.  I guess I owe that one to my mom.  She always had the radio on no matter what was going on.  Since then, my music obsession has stuck with me.  I have been lucky enough to spend my entire life by the ocean and yes I'm a West Palm Beach Girl.  How local am I?  Put it this way I went to Crestwood Middle School and then Royal Palm Beach High School.  If you grew up out in Royal Palm Beach then I'm sure we have already met.  First Concert: I hate to admit this but my first concert was Spice Girls.  Yes, I'm embarrassed but it's all about fun so enjoy!  As you can see I'm down to go to any concert. Whether it's country, pop, rock, EDM, rap or metal I will be there. I'm a fan of music.  When I'm not working I love to ride my wave runner, go to festivals, concerts, beach it or play my guitar. Anything to do with the water I'm there.  Fun Fact: Always have a whistle with you if you are on a watercraft in the ocean. Yep, I didn't have mine once and got a $90 ticket. You know...a whistle ticket!