Spring Clean The Easy Way!

There’s nothing better than a freshly cleaned and better-organized home after some spring cleaning. But if you’d rather keep binge-watching Netflix from the couch, we can help. These are some housekeeping hacks to make spring cleaning a little easier, even when you’re lazy.

  • Clean the microwave with water and lemon- Not cleaning the inside of the microwave every two weeks as suggested? Tackle that grime by putting a bowl of water with lemon and vinegar inside and run it until the water boils, let it sit for a minute, then use a warm rag to wipe down the inside with ease.
  • Create a clutter bin- Designate a spot to toss all miscellaneous clutter in temporarily, then sort it out later when you’re up to the task.
  • Put everything in the dishwasher- We’re talking dog bowls, the microwave plate, toys, light fixtures, even some baseball caps. Let the appliance do the work to clean everything, then run it again empty with a cup of vinegar sitting upright inside to clear the leftover gunk out.
  • Soak shower heads overnight- It’s tough to scrub those tiny holes clean, so tie a bag full of white vinegar around the showerhead, making sure it’s fully submerged. The next day, you’ll be surprised how much build-up has come off.
  • Dump things in the tub- Cleaning things like the AC filters, window blinds and vent covers one by one is time-consuming, so do it all at once in the bathtub. Then use a little vinegar and dish soap to scrub the tub when you’re done.
  • Clean up pet hair with flip flops- That pesky pet hair sticks to rubber, so wear your flip flops around the house to “sweep” it up.
  • Steam your oven- You’re supposed to clean the oven a couple of times a year, but lazy types avoid this task. An easier way? Heat it to 150-degrees, shut it off, then put a pot of water on the bottom rack and an oven-safe container of ammonia on the top rack. Let it sit overnight, then air it out for 15 minutes in the morning before adding dish soap to the ammonia and using the mix to wipe away softened grease and grime.


Photo: Getty Images