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The Top Pumpkin Spice Foods That Each State Is Googling

Pumpkin spice latte in a paper cup

Photo: GeorgeDolgikh / iStock / Getty Images

Google Trends has released its annual pumpkin spice report. This year the stats include the food that each state is Googling more than other states.

Google Trends broke it down into five different categories:

1. Baked goods: 18 states. Top searches include pumpkin spice cake, donuts, pies, and scones. Virginia is really into Thomas' pumpkin spice English muffins.

2. Sweets: 11 states. Top searches include pumpkin spice Red Vines in California, Oreos in Oregon, Nevada, Kentucky, and Rhode Island, and pumpkin spice Rice Krispie Treats are apparently all the rage in Idaho.

3. Snacks: 7 states. Top searches include pumpkin spice flavored chips in Nebraska, popcorn in Alabama and several states are interested in pumpkin spice Goldfish.

4. Cereal: 5 states. Alaska, Utah, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Maine all Googled Pumpkin Spice Cheerios the most, while D.C. loves pumpkin spice Special K cereal.

5. Other: 9 states. Pumpkin spice Spam is big in Arizona, while cream cheese is tops in North Dakota and Indiana. Meanwhile, I didn't know this existed, but Delaware is into pumpkin spice deer jerky. Georgia wants pumpkin spice empanadas to be a thing and two states are searching for pumpkin spice Mexican food: Tacos in Minnesota . . . and tamales in South Dakota.

Google also looked at a few other pumpkin spice categories, like the top "pumpkin spice scented" products. Top Googled items include trash bags, deodorant, and toilet paper.

The top pumpkin spice toiletries were toothpaste (seriously?) and body wash.

And last, but certainly not least, the top pumpkin spice pet products Googled were dog treats, kitty litter, and pumpkin spice poop bags.

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