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"Airplane Karen" Hopes "Y'all Crash and Die" To a Full Plane and The Pilot

Young caucasian woman holding cabin bag angry and mad screaming frustrated and furious, shouting with anger. rage and aggressive concept.

Photo: Getty Images


A lot of people poke fun at traveling on Spirit Airlines, but at the end of the day, if they're the most affordable airline, who's laughing? Well, for being such a bargain, the airline certainly has provided the internet with some free entertainment.

Recently, the pilot of one Spirit flight was not laughing after an "Airplane Karen" wished harm upon the entire plane.

A couple was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight that, at the time, was still on the ground in Las Vegas on Sunday (1/15/23).

As they were leaving, the woman says "take care" to the people still onboard.

One passenger booed them as the couple was escorted down the aisle.

That's when the woman yelled back at them, "I hope y'all crash and die."

The plane's pilot can be seen walking after the couple, and who knows if he alerted security, or simply gave her a piece of his mind, but the man appeared to not take the comment lightly.

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