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What State in America Drinks The Most Beer?

Female friends clinking craft beer glasses in a pub

Photo: Getty Images

Which state drinks the most beer?

A new study by Learning to Homebrew examined criteria including population density, gallons of beer consumed per capita, barrel production and revenue, and the number of breweries.

In at #1, the data found that the state that chugs down the most beer is Montana, which drinks 40.8 units of beer per capita and has 92 active breweries.

New Hampshire was number two with 39.8 units per capita and 91 breweries.

North Dakota was not far behind drinking 38.2 units of beer per capita.

South Dakota and Maine rounded out the top five.

The rest of the list included Vermont, Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Nevada.

Check out where all the states ranked and get the details here.

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