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Little Girls' Demands To The Tooth Fairy Causes Serious Online Debate

Little Girl Holding Tooth and Dollar Bill Smiling With Missing Tooth

Photo: Getty Images

When I was a kid and I lost a tooth, I was lucky enough to expect a little something under my pillow from the Tooth Fairy, however, one young girl’s tooth fairy demands have caused a serious debate online.

One mother recently posted to Reddit sharing her daughter Addy’s letter that she wrote to the Tooth Fairy and the little girl's demands have shocked some readers.

In the photo the mother posted, there is sealed bag marked “Addy’s Tooth,” and a letter written by the little girl which reads, "Dear mom, dad/tooth fairy. Can I please have 25$. Want more money than last time or else I will be mad."

While some readers found the child's note funny and innocent, other’s dubbed Addy demanding and bratty.

One user commented: “Boy, she's gonna be really p***ed when she goes to the dentist and they start pulling teeth and charging her for taking them.”

Another person called her a "Karen in training," adding, "She's gonna want to speak to the tooth fairy's supervisor, Santa Claus."

However, not everyone was repulsed by the hopeful girl’s wishes, with one person joking, “I guess teeth are subject to inflation also.”

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