Emo Band, My Chemical Romance Drops First New Song in 8 Years and It’s Long

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I can personally say that in high school I spent countless, emotional, prepubescent hours of the mid-2000s screaming My Chemical Romance lyrics to the TV, and emo kids, it looks like I'll get to bring it back.

My Chemical Romance released their first new song in 8 years on Thursday (5/12/22) and the track is 6 minutes long.

Their latest single, “The Foundations of Decay” is the band’s only song that they've released since 2014 after announcing their breakup in 2013.

Fans have been vying for a reunion ever since and were ecstatic when MCR announced their reunion in 2019. They rejoined and played only one live show before the pandemic forced them to announce the 2020 tour would be delayed...until now.

Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero, and Mikey Way have reconciled and will finally go on tour this summer with the North American portion kicking off in Oklahoma City on August 20.

The band is also set to perform at this year's Riot Fest and the When We Were Young festival in Las Vegas.

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