Doja Cat and Dolly Parton to Star in Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza: The Musical

Photo: Canva/Getty Images

Is this the collaboration to own all collabs? I think, yes.

Doja Cat and Dolly Parton are set to star in a new TikTok musical for Taco Bell about the fast-food chain's beloved discontinued, but now resurrected, Mexican Pizza.

On May 26, Mexican Pizza: The Musical will debut on TikTok to mark the long-awaited return of the item to TBell's menu.

Ask and you shall receive, because a petition to get the Mexican Pizza back on the menu was signed by over 200,000 people, with the organizer calling the Mexican Pizza a “bridge to American culture for kids who grew up in immigrant households”.

Earlier in the year, Doja Cat was asked to write what she called a “contractual” rap for Taco Bell when the item was still M.I.A. from the menu, a rap that she would not allow to be called a jingle (video below.)

Screenwriter Hannah Friedman is in on the project, and most famous for their TikTok musical, ‘The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’, creators Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear are also involved in the musical’s creation.

Barlow confirmed in a TikTok video, “We sat down and composed a musical for Mexican Pizza,” confirming the musical's legitimacy. “Every song is a banger, if I do say so myself.”

Dolly Parton confirmed her part in the musical in an Instagram post in which she snapped a pic of the project's script. The photographed script describes the musical as: “based on the true story of the internet losing its mind.”

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