Olivia Culpo Told To Cover Up By American Airlines Before Flight To Mexico

Los Angeles Premiere Of "Venus As A Boy" - Arrivals

Photo: Getty Images

I've seen way more revealing outfits on flights than Olivia's workout outfit here. There have been big hairy and sweaty dudes in tank tops and short shorts that should have been asked to cover things up. Yet, not a peep from anyone. Seems like a horrible double standard to me.

Luckily for everyone involved Olivia's hero boyfriend and star RB for the Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffery gave her his hoodie to cover up this atrocity. It's really nice of him and the Carolina Panthers to make sure every January him and Olivia have plenty of time to go on vacation. They get to enjoy the NFL playoff's poolside in Cabo. Not a bad way to spend your offseason if you ask me.

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