Tesla Feature That Allows Your Self-Driving Car To Drive Like A Douche

So Tesla has 3 new features for their self driving cars "Chill," "Average," and "Assertive" driving. And the assertive feature basically allows your car to drive like a douche and that's why Elon Musk remains the king.

This is what I'm talking about!! I just purchased a Jeep Grand Cherokee but after that my next car might have to be a Tesla. Hop in and let that bad boy drive aggressive as F***!! Or as they say "assertive". I thought we'd have a lame ass future where these self-driving cars are all cautious and boring.

Nope not Tesla! Elon isn't going to eventually colonize Mar's because he took things slow and played it safe. I just can't wait for the feature that has your Tesla cussing someone out and brake checking them. That's when I'll know it's time to give up driving the old fashion way. Picture a future of self-driving cars cutting each other off and driving aggressively in and out of lanes while we just take a nap or swig on your road soda in the front seat.

You want action? You want adveture? Buckle up because it's go time people!!! Let's goooooo!!!!

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