World's Largest Bottle Of Whiskey Sets New Guinness World Record

World's Largest Bottle Of Whiskey

Photo: Canva Pro

The Scottish town of Huntly recently made history after they unveiled a world-record-breaking sized bottle of Scotch, containing 311 liters of Macallan single malt.

The giant bottle beat the previously held record, which was set in 2012, by a landslide of 83 liters.

Whisky companies Fah Mai Holdings Group Inc (FMH) and Rosewin Holdings PLC (RH) worked together to fill the world’s biggest bottle of Scotch whisky on September 9.

The bottle is 5 feet 9 inches tall and took an hour to fill.

The record-breaking whiskey will now travel to a London auction house, where it will be auctioned later in the year. It is also believed the bottle may break a second world record for the highest price for a bottle of whiskey ever purchased.

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