Florida Man Arrested After Exposing Himself 7 Times At Toll Booths

Photo: Osceola County Jail

Just when you think working at a Toll Booth couldn't get any worse we have a story like this. Mark Fillway going on a bit of a naked crime scene. Just showing off his spare change to at least 7 unfortunate workers.

Reason I say working as a Toll Collector would stink is your days are numbered. The plan is to make all Tolls fully automated and for drivers that means SunPass or Plate pics. For Toll Collectors that means unemployment.

So you're just trying to make the best of it and even in the glory days of the job I'm sure it was still awful. Sitting in that tiny booth for 8 hours a day dealing with people nonstop. Nah I'm good that sounds like actual hell.

But wait it can always get worse and that worse is Mark Fillyaw.

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