Anti-Vaccine DR & Nurse Claim Vaccine Is Making People Magnetic

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Just going to toss this out there but telling people they may gain superpowers as a reason for them not to get the vaccine seems like an awful play if you're anti-vaccination.

So you're saying if I get the vaccine I'll have a really good chance of not getting Covid and a really good chance of getting Magneto's superpowers?

Am I following along correctly?

I have a hard enough time finding my keys as is. So that would be the one drawback of being a human magnet. Looking everywhere for my keys walk by a mirror and go "Oh crap there they are, on my forehead again. Damn you vaccine!!!"

Love love love the nurse who thought she cracked the case when she lodged that key in her chest for a few seconds. She's like BOOM science and watch I can stick this on my neck too. However that was a big fail and I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. The people behind her were making some all time faces too.

Photo: Getty Images