Vero Beach Couple Arrested For Having Sex At Playground

Photo: Vero Beach PD

They turned that children's tunnel at the playground into a tunnel of love. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to be as attractive as Sharon and Germain. How could you not want to have sex all the time and everywhere?

Add Four Lokos and Vodka to the mix and it's game over. Drinking Four Lokos and Vodka in general is crazy, but at 9:00 AM is expert level alcoholic. They were basically drinking rocket fuel.

Shockingly it was just the booze, I figure this is the kind of party meth always attends. Luckily for the both of them there were no kids present and they only received an open container charge. Actually luckily for the kids and parents who frequent that park. You see two people hopped up on Devil Juice going at it like a couple of rabbits and no amount of therapy is helping.

Finally, Sharon and Germain I assume you're huge fans and I would just like to say this was unacceptable behavior. Everybody knows if you're drinking Four Lokos and Vodka you at least splurge for a pay by the hour motel.