Florida Principal Under Investigation For Paddling A 6-Year-Old Student

A Florida principal in Clewiston is being investigated for paddling a 6-year-old girl in front of the child's mother. 

According to reports, police are investigating Central Elementary School Principal Melissa Carter and the school's clerk, Cecilia Self, for the paddling incident that happened on April 13.

The girl's mother received a call from the school saying her daughter damaged a computer and the fee would be $50. Paddling was mentioned but she was told a deputy would be present.

The woman says that due to a language barrier, she didn't understand the process, but recorded the paddling with her cellphone, which was in her purse. 

In Florida, some school districts allow corporal punishment, but Hendry County, where the incident occurred, is not one of them.

WARNING: This video may be disturbing for some viewers.

Photo: Getty Images