Rob Dyrdek's 'Ridiculousness' Is The Only Thing That Plays On MTV

Just like Twitter I'm shocked looking at this. Do people really love 'Ridiculousness' that much? I remember when it debuted and thought "Rob come on bro you legit just cherry-picked Tosh.O you're better than this" Plus, if you're going to blatantly copy a show you need to improve on it or make it funnier. Now I love Rob Dyrdek and no cap 'Rob And Big' and 'Fantasy Factory' are my two favorite shows of all-time. I still may purchase a net gun one of these days and scream " I don't recognize this dude" and fire that sucker at my boys. Now before I get off track talking about my favorite R&B episodes because Bobby Light and the 'Dirty Girl' music video was next. Let's talk about how in the world this show is on ALL THE DAMN TIME on MTV. Did Rob witness a murder committed by one of the head honchos at Viacom and that's why 'Ridiculousness' is on loop? Does Rob own MTV? Did he make a deal with the same Devil that Lil Nas X gave a lap dance to? Will we ever get answers? Lastly, if Rob is getting royalties per episode this man must be swimming in money like he's Scrooge McDuck. Either way my search for answers shall continue.

P.S here is the net gun video...Enjoy