PETA Barbecues A Lifelike Looking Dog To Make People Go Vegan


First things first, if you're Vegan good for you and more power to you. If it works for you that's great but don't be a preachy douche about it. You know what? If they came out with a plant or vegan burger that taste like actual meat I might be on board. I love animals but I also love to eat most of them too. PETA can be the absolute worst sometimes especially when they do crap like this. There are little kids around you monsters and you're fake frying a dog!! Not cool and I get it, you wanted the shock factor and you succeeded. Plenty of people are shocked and even more, are pissed off at this stunt. Plus, you're not changing a meat lovers opinion on eating meat by preaching and horrifying gimmicks like this. If anything you're going to make them eat more of it. So maybe come to some kind of common ground and educate rather than scare. You might find people more willing and open to change. Instead of terrifying their children. 



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