Vegans Protest At Chick-Fil-A With Giant Knives In Hand!

WARNING: Profanity and Vegans (Yuck....Kidding I love Vegans just not these ones) 


So this happened here in Florida (of course) we just do crazy better than most. I get that protesting is the thing to do in 2017, but what did these people expect would happen here? You come into an establishment that filled with kids and have people dressed up in cows dead on the floor with other holding knives!! Really? First off, this is one of 100's if not 1,000's of Chick Fil A locations so you're not exactly causing much disruption to the company. Secondly, there are kids around and you're doing this nonsense! GTFOH....If you want to eat berries and leaves, more power to you and I'm sure the health benefits are worth it. So you do you and let others do them, because all this did was hurt their cause and they looked like idiots and I bet people are eating chicken and meat out of spite now (and because it's delicious). Plus wonder if they knew that dressing up as cows they could have grabbed themselves free chicken sandwiches. 



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