How Does Katy Perry Cheer Up? Googles Hot Pics Of Herself!

So if you didn't know I love Katy Perry. Does my wife have a problem with that? Sure, but come on it's not like I have a job that gives me a great chance to meet her, wine and dine her and have her fall madly in love with me. You might be like wait a min bro, you literally have that job.....Okay fair point, BUT A few other things rule me out, I can't sing(John Mayer, Travis McCoy), I don't have a British accent (Orlando Bloom, Russel Brand) and if rumors of her dating Riff Raff a few years back were true, no way I could rock a hairstyle like the one on Jodyhighroller's Insta. Seriously I forgot what the point of this blog was, and I'm just rambling about my love for KP at this point. Oh yes I remember now, Katy will Google search 'Katy Perry Hot' to cheer herself up and that's fantastic. Also, it's now something we have in common.   

This inspired me to Google 'Carmine Hot' and the results were a lot less sexy to say the least, but it did make me question some things. 

  1. Am I just not famous enough? 
  2. Or, are my pictures TOO HOT for Google? 

Maybe I'll never know the answer to those questions, but until then here is my favorite  'Carmine Hot' results. 

Warning: Pure Sexiness Below 


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