Arrested For Murder, Better Promote That Mixtape

No such thing as bad publicity right? Can't knock the hustle on this dude, but we can definitely knock the fact that he probably murdered someone.  Also don't think saying "You're Too Fly For Jail" is going to hold up in court. I can see it now. 

Judge: Well, all the evidence and witness testimony link you, and only you to this murder. 

Him: Yeah, but have you heard my mixtape? Plus I'm way too fly for jail. 

Judge: I have, and it's FIRE! Also you do make a good point, you're stylish AF. 

Him: Respect yo....I mean your honor. 

Judge: Clearly, there is only one thing left to do and that's to set this man free! 

Him: Are you serious?!?!?! 

Judge: Of Course not, you're definitely going to jail for life. 

Him: Damn son, that's cold. 

Judge: So is murder. (***gavel drop***)  

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