Peeps Oreos Are Turning People's Poop PINK, And Now I Want Some.

Thrillist- The new Peeps Oreos — filled with a vibrant shade of pink creme — are leaving people with an unexpected surprise in the toilet bowl: pink poops. The culprit behind the shimmering pixie turds is an FDA-approved food dye called FD&C Red Number 3. The substance also dyes people’s saliva and tongues the same color, but the far more newsworthy item here pertains to the brilliant streaks of pink cascading down the side of your porcelain throne. The saliva effect was first noted by The Junk Food Guy, but people across the internet noticed shortly afterword, prompting what can only be described as #Peepgate. Or #Poopgate. Or #Pinkpeepeepoopoopgate. You get the idea.

Well, well, well.....Would you look at that?  Peeps Oreos are turning people's poop pink, and I've reached a crossroads in life. I'm going to keep it 100 and say that Peeps are one of the absolute worst snacks ever made. They're awful and there is a reason you only see them around during Easter. It's just enough time for people to forget how terrible they are. So when I first heard about them teaming up with the OG of 'The Cookie Game', Oreo, I felt that maybe Oreo owed them a favor or something like that. Why else would you tarnish your rep and join the real life Twitter Logo that is Peeps? Boy was I wrong. Of course Peeps are still gross and you can't look me in the eyes and say otherwise. However, this plot twist (or should I say poop twist) really has changed my mind. Am I the kind of person who will throw my beliefs out the window so I can turn my poop pink? You bet your ass I am. If you don't think having the ability to change your poop color is cool, we can't be friends. 



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