Gun To His Head, And This Guy Couldn't Care Less!


The caption on that tweet is perfect. Nothing can make a man hate his life more than having to go shopping for the woman he loves. Just something in our brains snap and we completely lose all rational thinking. Seriously, this dude could care less that someone just put a gun to his head. Though, he does get pretty pissed when the guy actually touches his head with the gun. Can you blame him? He's like "bro I saw you the first time, and get that gun out of my face before we have a problem". Also a real blow to this robber's confidence, if you can't intimidate someone who's buying milk and eggs with a gun, it's time to hang it up and go legit. Plus he got scared once the guy smacks the gun from his face, overall just not a good luck. In all seriousness I need to know that man's story. What has he been trough that something like this doesn't even elevate his heart rate? Just a straight up OG. 

QUESTION: If You walk in on a store being robbed, do you pay for your stuff? Kidding of course     



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