Do It For The Gram. Idiot Films Her House On Fire, Instead Of You Know...LEAVING!


It's only February 8th, but it will be real tough to beat this girl for 'Idiot Of The Year'. Calling someone you've never met before an idiot might seem unfair, and usually I would agree. However, I've seen enough to say with certainty she's a moron.  Is this what 2017 is? People would rather film their house on fire, instead of grabbing her cat and getting the F**k out of there. She's worried about her dad killing her? Ummm how about that big ass fire that wants nothing more than to cremate you!?! Worry about dad later, if there is a later. Plus if you're going to film a fire, please don't film it vertically! I'm almost as mad about that as I am about the filming in the first place. Just lazy work on her part. Lastly the title says 'Stoner Can't Believe Her House Is on Fire' how dare the person who uploaded this video put this on Weed! When I'm stoned  people are stoned they are getting out of that house and fast! Along with the Oreos, milk, giant bag of chips and my their Xbox One.



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