Turn up WiLD 95.5 every Saturday Night when CLUB WiLD takes over your radio! The HOTTEST HIT MUSIC in the mix from 10pm until 3am!

Frankie P kicks things off at 10pm, then Jay Mac takes over at Midnight!

Dropping the HITS one by one, setting the Palm Beaches on FIRE!  Let’s goooooooooooooooo!

Meet The DJs:

Club WiLD Frankie P Image

DJ Frankie P

Born in California and raised in Miami, Frankie P is probably one of the only Mexican's you'll ever run into in Miami. Chances are if you ask him to speak Spanish, he'll pretend he doesn't know so you don't make fun of his accent!

When he's not checking to make sure his hair looks good on his phone he's out DJing at your favorite clubs, hanging out at your high school pep rally, snap chatting his lunch, or asking who's down for happy hour!

CLUB WiLD - Jay Mac Profile Pic

DJ Jay Mac

What up I'm DJ Jay Mac - I've been mixing music to make ears happy for over 20 years and I'm stoked to be part of the party every Saturday night. When I'm not busy remixing your favorite songs, you can find me in clubs throughout South Florida.

Jay Mac began mixing in 1991 in Jacksonville, Florida. Jay Mac started his career in a small underground house venue called Euphoria. Even back then his unique blend of underground beats and mainstream melodies got him noticed quickly.

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