The Strangest Names At Least Five Parents Picked For Babies Last Year

Here are some of the strangest names that at least five parents picked for their babies last year, according to the Social Security Administration. Note: All of these names went to more than 5 babies, but fewer than 10.

1. Cinderella.

2. Mama.

3. Dairy.

4. Iceland.

5. Macgyver.

6. Atilla.

7. Infantboy.

8. Rambo.

9. Princecharles.

10. Subaru. 

If Those 10 were not enough for you here's 120 more!

Somehow at least 5 parents picked these names for their kids!!!!!! WTF are they thinking? Unless you're a celebrity or have boatloads of money why would you do this to your child? Who is going to hire Infantboy or Iceland? I'd say Cinderella but she 100% has a future gig at Disney. The real kicker is these parents thought they were being unique. NOPE, there are at least 4 and possibly 9 more parents that picked that dumbass name too. Congrats maybe you can all start a Facebook group and show the world that total strangers can pick the same stupid name. It would give hope to us all. Kidding, it would just be easier to make fun of if you were all together.

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