Mics Will Be Muted During Upcoming Presidential Debate

According to the Commission on Presidential Debates, Joe Biden and President Donald Trump's mics will be muted during portions of Thursday night's second and final debate.

The decision came after the commission met Monday afternoon to discuss potential rule changes to the debate format.

After challenges at the first debate they have decided that the changes were needed to avoid another night of interruptions between the two candidates.

Here's what the commission said in regard to their decision, “We realize, after discussions with both campaigns, that neither campaign may be totally satisfied with the measures announced today... One may think they go too far, and one may think they do not go far enough. We are comfortable that these actions strike the right balance and that they are in the interest of the American people, for whom these debates are held.”

So how exactly is it going to work? Basically at the start of each of the six segments, each candidate will be given two minutes to answer the question that is presented. During that portion, the opposing candidate’s microphone will be muted until it is their turn to answer the question or if they are allowed a rebuttal.