You Can Now Get A Candle That Smells Like Cuban Bread!!!

Isabella Alvarez aka Albisa Candles created a new scented candle that makes your house smell like delicious fresh cuban bread!!!

So Isabella actually sells life insurance but started a candle side hustle a couple of years ago when she couldn't find a vanilla scented candle that was not white. She started making her own and now her business has blown up!

As a result she started making a line of Cuban candles since she herself is Cuban. While thinking about smells that reminded her of Cuba and her family she remembered the classic Cuban breakfast of Cafe con Leche and that's when the idea for Cuban bread scented candles was born!

She didn't think anyone would serious love it but it blew up and now she can't keep up with demand! Her website literally says the candles are temporarily out of stock but if you sign up for her newsletter she'll let you know when more are in stock!



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