Man Chases Down Home Invader Half Naked Armed With A Didgeridoo


Every time I blog about something that went down in Australia I can't help but think of Florida. The similarities are astonishing. We're basically the same expect they have way cooler accents and Kangaroos. Scratch that, we also have Kangaroos. Remember Storm who was on the loose in Jupiter Farms? God, we're such a special state and I love it. Now back to our mate from down under and his superhero like speed and didgeridoo. This man knew it was go time once he heard his floors creaking and he didn't hesitate to jump into action. Who needs clothes when criminal activity needs thwarting? Plus, like he said "I notice I run faster naked" makes sense because you're more aerodynamic sans clothes. Bet you he didn't just discover he runs faster naked because of this incident. My man Kym has ran half naked with that sweet ass mullet flowing in the wind before. Even his son is a tough ankle biter (Australian slang for child) who was ready to tackle the thief if presented with the opportunity. Low-key one of the best parts of this video is the b-roll of Kym running shirtless with his diggy in hand. I would love to see the news crew ask him to do that, "Hey Kym would you mind giving us a recreation of your run?" Kym was like "say no more mate" and off he went.

And for no reason other than her being my favorite Aussie here is Margot Robbie



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