Pastor Kenneth Copeland Tries To Defend His Lavish Lifestyle


First off, this is one of the craziest, creepiest and funniest interviews of all-time. I talk for a living but maybe I missed my true calling. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland talks and can bs with the best of them. This snake oil salesman just deflects and mentions a couple of bible verses and thinks he's in the clear. How can anyone watch this and not see this dude is con? I do agree with him about one thing, demons fly commercial. Sometimes those demons take the form of a crying baby or that one passenger who is coughing and sneezing everywhere. Or all the demons that get up and are in the aisle when the plane just lands and have no place to go. They just stand there making it impossible for anyone to move or get off the plane. Hey demons, Hell isn't going anywhere so wait until it's your rows turn to get up and get off the plane. Now full disclosure I'm not religious at all. Was raised Catholic, was an alter boy, went to Catholic HS and even went on religious retreats. Which was plenty for me to realize oh yeah this doesn't check out. Believe in whatever higher power you want, but man made money making religions are bogus. People have giving this clown literally millions of dollars because of their faith and some probably didn't have the means to do so. While this guy is flying in private jets and driving around in $500,000 cars I bet his followers are trying to figure out how to afford their next meal. Sounds like doing the Lord's work to me.



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