Instagram Influencer Fakes Going To Coachella And Shows You How


If we can't trust what we see on the internet, what can we trust? Sarcasm aside, this was pretty awesome and now I want to fake going to Coachella too. Build a following, don't have to be in the desert heat and the best party of going to fake coachella is you won't get REAL HERPES. That was a thing and over a 100 people ended up getting herpes during Coachella. Now every time an outbreak occurs they can think of the good times out a coachella. Like the times when they were STD free! So Gabbie Hanna good job you sneaky, sneaky girl. With Sunfest coming up I wonder if any will fake their week at Sunfest? I can tell you I'll actually be there so come on by and say what's up on the Wild 955 Party Barge!



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