Mom Catches Son Shaving Siblings Hair After She Leaves Out Buzzer


That was fantastic and those kids are adorable. Though they look goofy with that botched haircut, in fairness this was mini barber's first go at it. Plus pops is bald so he was trying to make everyone look like daddy. I like how the mom went from panic and seeming like it's the end of the world, to "it's just hair and it will grow back" in about 15 seconds. Quick turn around Stephie and yes the hair will grow back. Funny thing is her son wasn't carded when he order a Long Island Ice Tea at Applebees later that night since he now looks 45. Two finally thoughts, Stephie might be the prettiest crier ever (don't want her husband to come beat me up) and secondly speaking of her husband are we sure he's not Kevin "The Bull" from American Ninja Warrior? I mean come on, they're basically twins.



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